A breath of

fresh air!

Calanda Air AG

Concerned about indoor air pollution?

ARVE helps you understand the invisible pollutants affecting your health and well-being. By tracking air quality and improving it, ARVE can lead to better sleep, reduced allergies, and increased focus, creating a healthier and more productive environment for you and your family.

Start with ARVE SENSE Pro

Smart Air Quality Monitoring

With ARVE, your home's air can be the best it can be. The air is truly clean, not just a nice bonus, but a crucial part of your cozy and peaceful living space. Thanks to ARVE's advanced technology, your home can become a healthier and happier place. Live in a place where every breath reminds you that you prioritize feeling good and having a clear mind. Improve your life, welcome clean air, and transform your home into a happy sanctuary.

Expand to ARVE SENSE Hub

Smart Home Monitoring

Breathe easy and take control of your smart home with the ARVE Sense Hub. This portable air quality monitor seamlessly connects with Home Assistant, enabling you to monitor and manage various aspects of your home environment directly on your smartphone app. Whether mounted on a wall or placed on a table, the ARVE Sense Hub offers multiple installation options to suit your needs.